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Our services

  1. Parking place reservation

    You may reserve your place either by filling our online reservation form, sending an e-mail or via phone. Your reserved parking place will be wating for you. Alternatively you may just come to our parking and we will arrange everything on the spot.

  2. Unique security

    Your car will be under comprehensive security system. Security staff 24/7, newly built walls with barbed wire, additionally secured by state of the art infrared perimeter security system and 15 HD cameras are all there for you. On top of all this, we are fully covered by the best insurance package from Kooperativa.

  3. Car washing service

    We will wash your car for free. We will clean the interior and wax the exterior of your car. Your car will have the maximum comfort and care that you don't see anywhere else. We want you to come back and leave our premises with full satisfaction.

  4. Covering your car

    After fully cleaning your car, we will cover it with quality special cover. The car cover will protect your car from UV rays, bad weather conditions, rain, snow and dust. You will not have to clean your car from snow after coming back from your trip. None of the other car parks can provide you with such a service, Smile Parking can!

  5. Valet parking

    You don't want to lose time by coming to our parking? Not a problem! We will take your car directly at the terminal, take care of it in our car park and will meet you after your travel is over. During the takeover we will take pictures of your car and fill the transfer protocol for your feeling of safety.

  6. Technical assistance

    If your car needs some technical assistance, such as inflating your tires or charging the battery, no problem! We will do everything for you free of charge and try to accommodate your every desire.

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